1. Ringing for the church
  2. Great ekteny
  3. Bless the Lord O my soul
  4. Small ekteny
  5. Praise the Lord
  6. O Thou, The Only Begotten Son
  7. Small_ekteny
  8. In the Kingdom remember us
  9. Come let us worship
  10. Thou had kept The virginity in birthgiving
  11. Neither the tomb nor teath
  12. O Lord save the devout ones
  13. And unto ages of ages. Amen. Trisagion
  14. My soul doth magnify the Lord
  15. Reading the Epistle to the Philippians
  16. Alleluia
  17. Glory be to Thee
  18. Augmented ekteny
  19. Amen (before Cherubical hymn)
  20. Cherubical hymn
  21. Ekteny of supplication
  22. The Father and the Son
  23. The Chimes of the Beltry of the Neraer caves