1. Icon of the Mother of God
  2. God is with us
  3. Chosen by God
  4. Nunc Dimittis
  5. Praise Ye the Name of the Lord
  6. Hymn to the Kostroma saints
  7. From my youth
  8. Under Thy Mercy
  9. Who can separate us from the love of God
  10. To Thee, O Theotokos
  11. We will never cease to praise
  12. It is meet
  13. Now the Powers of Heaven
  14. The Last Supper
  15. Arise, O God
  16. Christ is Risen
  17. After that Thou hast fallen asleep
  18. Come Ye People, let us sing
  19. An Angel Crying
  20. Ad Multos Annos