1. Great Ektene
  2. O Gentle Light
  3. From My Youth
  4. In the Red Sea
  5. By he Prophets You Made Me Know
  6. He Who Illuminated the Whole Universe With His Light
  7. The Eyewitness of the Word Had to See
  8. The Tomb and Death
  9. I Shall Open My Mouth
  10. Now the Powers of Heaven
  11. The Embrace of the Father
  12. You Rescued Zion's Captives from Babylon
  13. From My Youth Do Many Passions War Against Me
  14. You Kept Zion's Captives Safe from the Deception
  15. Taking Up into Heaven
  16. Having the Divine Grace of the Teacher
  17. O Saint Father Savvatiy
  18. The Most High Than the Heavens